Picture of Dr Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI.

IFPRI to support TAAT with policy initiatives

IFPRI will support various institutions on policy issues that enhance successful program implementation and attainment of the expected widespread and transformational impact. For the much needed policy support, IFPRI will work with other institutions that contribute to agricultural development policy work, including TASAl and ATPS. IFPRI will sign an MoU with IITA as the Executing Agency of the program, stating clearly their role in the program, expected deliverables, and other conditions of engagement including an activity budget.

Picture of Dr Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI.

Dr Ousmane Badiane, IFPRI.

For effective policy support for successful value chain transformation, IFPRI will utilize tools to carry out typology, prioritization, and monitoring and evaluation of productivity enhancing programs. Some of the activities to support policy interventions are deploying existing eAtlas GIS data platforms; expanding access to Landinfo mobile app technology; raising the effectiveness of input policies; providing modalities and guidance to improve policies and regulations for technology development; and addressing long-term market dynamics in value chain policies.

IFPRISpecial bulletin: Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT)TAAT

Communications • 28th August 2016

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