Picture of DDG Research for Development Ylva Hillbur.

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Ylva Hillbur, IITA Deputy Director General Research for Development, has enjoined scientists to comply with the directive of the CGIAR system by ensuring that all publications are properly tagged in CGSpace as this is now a criterion for allocating funds to research institutes.

Picture of DDG Research for Development Ylva Hillbur.

DDG Research for Development Ylva Hillbur.

In an email to scientists this week, Hillbur said “The CGIAR system (including donors) is moving towards performance-based fund allocation and ‘number of publications’ is one performance criteria by which CGIAR Research Programs (CRP) are evaluated. It is thus important that publications are clearly linked to CRPs in CGSpace―the open repository for the CGIAR. To ensure that this happens is actually quite simple; when scientists forward their publications to the Knowledge Center (Bosede Ayinla) for uploading into CGSpace, they should include the CRP the publication is linked to; this ensures it gets properly tagged.”

Bulletin no. 2342CGSpaceOpen accessopen repository

Communications • 2nd September 2016

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