Picture of IYA Kinshasa delegates processing fresh cassava roots to chips

Kinshasa Agripreneurs visit Kalambo counterparts to share experiences

The IITA Youth Agripreneurs (IYA) in the DR Congo are synergizing ideas and experiences for greater impact in the country. Setting the stage for scaling up its activities in Kinshasa, the IYA visited their colleagues in Kalambo.

Picture of representative of IYA-Abuja, Per Hillbur, Gbassey Tarawali (Head of station), and Sadiq Gulma at the IITA-Abuja Station.

Abuja Agripreneurs learn about the prospects of urban farming

Per Hillbur, associate professor at Malmo University, Sweden, accompanied by Sadiq Gulma, environmental engineer at the Abuja-based NGO Green Habitat, visited IITA Abuja station on 24 August to discuss with the Agripreneurs  the prospect of urban and organic farming as a means of practicing agriculture sustainably. The visitors listened keenly to the presentation of the…

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Pictures of members of the Sorghum Innovation Platform in Kano

ATASP-1 holds first-ever “Sorghum Innovation Platform” in Kano

Stakeholders in the sorghum value chain in Nigeria recently gathered in the ancient northern city of Kano, to interact and find common ground in addressing the challenges which deny them opportunities for growth, as well as close up the supply and demand gap.

Picture of DDG Research for Development Ylva Hillbur.

From the desk of the DDG-Research

Ylva Hillbur, IITA Deputy Director General Research for Development, has enjoined scientists to comply with the directive of the CGIAR system by ensuring that all publications are properly tagged in CGSpace as this is now a criterion for allocating funds to research institutes. In an email to scientists this week, Hillbur said “The CGIAR system…

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