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Bakers in Liberia now join their counterparts in Nigeria in producing bromate-free bread using high quality cassava flour (HQCF) in combination with wheat flour and cassava enzymes. This healthier alternative is being promoted by IITA as an option for bakers who have had to contend with low grade wheat flour with low gluten content widespread in Liberia. A training that empowered the bakers and which also proved the effectiveness of HQCF in composite baking of bread was carried out on 22 and 27 October at two locations in Liberia (Kakata and Monrovia, respectively).

The training was organized by Medina Adetunji, the African Development Bank (AfDB) Cassava Value Chain Consultant, for master bakers from Monrovia (23 trainees) and Kakata (14 trainees). The HQCF used for the training was produced by a cassava processor (Falama Incorporated), based in Monrovia after being trained by Adetunji and Wasiu Awoyale, IITA Cassava Value Chain Specialist.

Ganiyu Agbaogun from Park ‘n’ Shop Abuja, Nigeria, facilitated the training and disclosed to the participants the importance and health benefits of the cassava enzymes in lieu of potassium bromate, and recommended the former for composite baking of bread. The cassava enzymes were manufactured by First Blend, Nigeria.

“The bread proved to be excellent after baking; the quality was superb. We will surely use HQCF, and will be waiting the availability of the cassava enzymes in Liberia,” Amos Tyagbe, Partner, Hope Bakery Monrovia, said while attesting to the effectiveness of the HQCF in bread.

The participants were involved in the weighing, mixing, cutting, and preparation of the dough for baking.

Through the training, the participants rated the cassava enzyme improver as highly effective and agreed to use it as substitute for potassium bromate.

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Communication Office • 4th November 2016

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