Picture of Agripreneurs from all IITA hubs talk about their activities in Africa.

Youth Agripreneurs program forging ahead to change youth mindsets to agriculture in Africa

On the second day of P4D Week, youth Agripreneurs presented on their various activities. The presentations were started off by the leader of the Youth Agripreneurs at IITA, Evelyn Ohanwusi. She said the initial vision of the program was to support youth at the individual level by moving incomes from 0 to $700 a month…

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Picture of Josephine Okot

Red Ferrari: Journey of an award-winning entrepreneur, Josephine Okot

The Red Ferrari lecture at this year’s P4D Week was delivered by Josephine Okot, the proprietor of Victoria Seed Company in Uganda and also an IITA board member. Okot has received many national and international awards including the prestigious YARA Prize for Green Revolution in Africa in 2007. In 2014 she was nominated as the…

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