Picture of Prof Lateef Sanni, President, ISTRC-AB.

ISTRC-AB President speaks

Picture of Prof Lateef Sanni, President, ISTRC-AB.

Prof Lateef Sanni, President, ISTRC-AB.

The 13th Symposium of ISTRC-AB demonstrated sound collaborative and networking skills by the stakeholders in root and tuber crop development in Africa.

I salute and commend the Government of Tanzania, the Local Organizing Committee, the IITA-Tanzania hub, the Executive team, our Elders, and the media for adding value to our technical and social activities. I am humbled by your support and encouragement. We shall sustain our transparent and focused leadership in our quest for economic growth in Africa.

IITA News no. 2372 (Special edition) - 13th Symposium of ISTRC-AB - Dar es Salaam - TanzaniaInternational Society for Root and Tuber Crops - Africa BranchISTRC-AB

Communications • 31st March 2017

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