Picture of Oyo State Security Services representatives meeting with IITA staff in Ibadan.

Local agencies pledge security and safety of IITA staff

Representatives of two local entities—the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the Oyo State Security Services (SSS)—visited IITA in Ibadan recently and assured the safety and security of staff.

The Director of Oyo State SSS, Andrew Yakubu, came to visit IITA headquarters on 30 March, after indicating an interest in developing a cordial relationship with the Institute. SSS is responsible for intelligence gathering, and upholding and enforcing the criminal law of Nigeria.

Picture of Oyo State Security Services representatives meeting with IITA staff in Ibadan.

Oyo State Security Services representatives meeting with IITA staff in Ibadan.

Meanwhile, the Moniya Unit Commander of FSRC, (Ms) M.T. Ishola, paid a courtesy visit 31 March. The visit aimed to ensure that all vehicles used by IITA staff meet the minimum safety standards, and that all staff possess a valid driver’s license and plate number.

Deputy Director General, Corporate Services (DDG-CS), Hilde Koper-Limbourg welcomed and briefed both teams about IITA and its work. Koper-Limbourg, in welcoming the guests, said “In IITA, we are one family, we maintain peace and order. Since you have shown an interest in a cordial relationship, we accept and express our appreciation for your support”.

IITA Security Manager, David Oluwadare, lauded the SSS team for their unceasing support towards safeguarding the staff of IITA, and sought for more intense security measures. “We are grateful for your prompt assistance whenever we need your help; we have enjoyed your support, and hope for more cooperation for technical assistance and safety standards. Please use your office to ensure that our staff members are safe and well protected,” Oluwadare said.

“IITA lives up to the name. The work being done here is massive; it is very impressive, and I must say that this is the beginning of a robust relationship with IITA…I will ensure the safety of every staff member of this organization. Thank you for the warm reception; it was indeed a memorable experience,” Yakubu stated at the end of the visit, after which he presented a plaque to IITA.

Ishola and her team met with Koper-Limbourg; Oluwadare; Superintendent Officer, James Adedayo; Protocol & External Liaison Manager, Toyin Oke; and a member of the IITA Youth Agripreneurs.

The Security Manager sought technical assistance on speed limiters, and pointed out how staff are delayed coming to work in the morning because of special patrol FRSC officials. Ishola said she had reduced the number of days that the FRSC patrol the IITA-Moniya road to two―Tuesdays and Thursdays―to ensure diligent discharge of duties.

Picture of M.T. Ishola of FRSC on a tour of IITA.

M.T. Ishola of FRSC on a tour of IITA.

The team members were taken on a tour of IITA facilities, laboratories, and newly implemented projects and a drive around the lake. Ishola later presented a “bible” to the security unit of IITA.

IITA News no. 2374

Communications • 7th April 2017

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