Africa RISING guidelines for capturing gender-sensitive stories in agricultural research and development

Gender-sensitive story writing is not only a professional and ethical aspiration but it can also improve development efforts and co-create more gender-balanced and inclusive societies.

From this conviction, Africa RISING has developed guidelines for capturing gender-sensitive stories which focus on gender-aware selection of sources, stories and visual material, the elimination of stereotypes, and the use of fair language.

Practical case examples are given for readers. The authors analyze two stories and critique a selection of photos published by Africa RISING for their level of gender sensitivity.

This resource is meant to be a quick reference guide for partners implementing the project as they work with smallholder farmers to gather stories. It can also be used as foundational instruction material for subsequent trainings provided by the project communications team on how partners can effectively document success stories, which are a standard requirement for all United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Feed the Future grants like Africa RISING.

Download the guidelines.

Africa RISINGIITA News no. 2408

Communications • 22nd November 2017

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