Picture of Dr Asiedu. He has been with IITA since 1989.

IITA scientist recognized as one of the most published scholars in Nigeria

On 23 November 2017, the Director, Research for Development, West Africa, Dr Robert Asiedu, was cited as one of 28 most published scholars in Nigeria on the Opinions.NG website. Asiedu, who is also a chartered biologist and who leads the Institute’s work on Biotechnology and Crop Improvement, was recognized not only because he is a scientist from an outstanding institute, but also because he was the only scholar out of the 28 from the field of agriculture.

Picture of Dr Asiedu. He has been with IITA since 1989.

Dr Asiedu has been with IITA since 1989.

Asiedu has 108 publications and 901 total citations of 533 documents. The publication range is 1990 to the present, and his h-index is 16. (The h-index is an index to quantify an individual’s research output. The publication record of an individual and the citation record are used to derive the h-index. When a scholar has an h-index of 10, it means that 10 papers out of his/her publications have at least 10 citations. – from Opinions.NG) The “Most published scholars in Nigeria list” was collated by Mohammed D. Aminu, a PhD researcher at Cranfield University, UK.

According to Aminu, “The collation of researchers’ total publications was based on several criteria including being resident in Nigeria only, being currently affiliated to institutions within Nigeria, and a Scopus record of 100 publications and above.”

The decision to collate the list was influenced by the challenges of being a scholar and researcher in Nigeria, where scholars are unable to compete favorably with other scholars from around the world. However, some scholars in Nigeria defy the odds and have published in some of the most notable academic journals around the world.

IITA News no. 2416

Communications • 20th January 2018

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