Picture of 7th International Food Legume Research Conference (IFLRC-VII) poster

Marrakech, Morocco to host conference on legume research

The 7th International Food Legume Research Conference (IFLRC-VII) will be on 6-8 May 2018 at Palais des Congrès, Marrakech, Morocco. This year’s event will be hosted by ICARDA and INRA Morocco (in French and Arabic) and will continue from past conferences in promoting international collaboration on basic, applied, and strategic research on food legumes.

Picture of 7th International Food Legume Research Conference (IFLRC-VII) poster

The IFLRC website states that “Food legumes are smart crops and play a decisive role in sustainable agriculture by promoting biodiversity, biological nitrogen fixation and adding much needed organic matter to the soil. They contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation and provide high-quality food, feed, and raw materials for industries.” These smart crops are very important to food security and nutrition and are the focus of this conference.

There is also a plan to organize several crop-wise workshops on the second day (7 May) of the conference to give an opportunity for participants to make oral presentations.

Early registration commences on 31 January 2018 on the IFLRC-VII website. The IFLRC was started in 1986 to disseminate current knowledge and achievements of research and development (R&D) in food legumes and identify research needs, new scientific approaches, and partnerships.

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Communications • 21st January 2018

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