Picture of participants at the 4th AfricaYam project annual meeting in Abidjan

AfricaYam Project holds annual meeting in Abidjan

The AfricaYam Project held its 4th annual progress review and planning meeting, 26 February to 1 March, at Hotel Tiama in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Fifty scientists, partners, and other stakeholders from eight countries.

Picture of Julius Adewopo, IITA Postdoctoral Fellow and Geospatial Analyst for Maize-based Systems, giving a presentation during the DSSAT training at IITA Ibadan

DSSAT foundation trains IITA scientists on crop modeling

Decision Support for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT) Team Leader and Facilitator, Gerrit Hoogenboom, led a team of DSSAT experts from the University of Florida on a 5-day international training program in IITA, Ibadan.

Picture of IARSAF Journal Club members in a discussion.

IARSAF discusses global agricultural intensification during their journal club meeting

The International Association of Research Scholars and Fellows (IARSAF) held the February edition of its monthly journal review on 23 February at IITA HQ.

Picture of Charity Mutegi, Kenya Country Coordinator for the Aflasafe Project
Picture of Kenton Dashiell and IITA team host the NABG team in Ibadan

Nigeria’s future looks brighter with IITA innovations, says Nigeria’s agriculture think-tank

Research and innovations being developed at IITA hold promise and could transform Nigeria’s agricultural narrative, says the country’s agricultural think-tank, the Nigeria Agribusiness Group (NABG).

Picture of Visitor appreciating improved IITA cassava

IITA participates in the Cameroon scientific exhibition day

IITA-Cameroon participated in the 6th edition of The Excellence Day of Scientific Research and Innovation in Cameroon (JERSIC), 21-23 February in Yaoundé.

Picture of Dashiell, Dixon, May-Guri, and Akem discussing with Steve

Purdue University collaborate with IITA on TAAT

With an estimated one-third of the world’s food going to waste, reducing food waste and loss is fundamental to meeting food demand and the agricultural mandate of Africa feeding Africa. It is on this premise that the representative of Purdue University, Professor Steve Yaninek, visited IITA.

Picture of Officials of PAU discussing with Michael Abberton and IARSAF members in IITA’s boardroom

Representatives of PAU visit IITA

On 23 February, the Interim Deputy Rector of The Pan African University (PAU), Prof. Kassa Belay along with other representatives paid a courtesy visit to IITA to familiarize themselves with the Institute and strengthen the existing partnership.

Picture of Katherine Lopez giving a presentation at the skills development training

IARSAF training: Enhanced communication skills and data management for better research

Research fellows under the auspices of International Association of Research Scholars and Fellows (IARSAF) underwent two different training sessions to enhance skills necessary for their development as researchers.

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