The Visionaries profiles IITA on public TV

The national documentary series The Visionaries is profiling IITA in its current season.

The Visionaries is produced through a non-profit television production company that creates documentaries about individuals and organizations working to establish positive social change throughout the world. Last year, the production staff at Visionaries received hundreds of applications, and IITA was selected to be profiled.

In all, 12 documentaries were produced, featuring topics on food sustainability, medical missions, the environment, domestic abuse survivors, and many other inspiring stories.

The program is hosted by acclaimed actor Sam Waterston of HBO’s The Newsroom and Grace and Frankie and formerly of Law & Order. It is distributed through an ACCESS feed through National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), and WGBY in Springfield, Massachusetts is the series’ presenting station.

The full documentary will be shown to IITA audiences at a scheduled date. The documentary was shot on location in Tanzania, Kenya, and Nigeria.

You can also view the video here

IITA News no. 2436

Communications • 30th May 2018

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