FPI collaborates with IITA to establish floating cages on Lake Kivu

FPI collaborates with IITA to establish floating cages on Lake Kivu

The IITA-Kalambo station on 5 June hosted a four-member team from Fond pour la Promotion Industrielle (FPI). Their visit was to consolidate a grant agreement on the Pilot Project of Tilapia in Cages/South Kivu [Projet Pilote des Tilapias en Cages/Sud Kivu (PPTC/SK)] project aimed at improving tilapia production in Lake Kivu through the cage system in South Kivu Province. The PTC/SK project team comprised four staff members from Kinshasa and South-Kivu; Cesar Bisimwa, Akanda Joseph, Chantal Tawaba, and Janvier Magala.

FPI collaborates with IITA to establish floating cages on Lake Kivu

The IITA Kalambo Aquaculture Specialist shows the FPI delegation the hatchery.

The FPI team was received by the Officer in Charge, Chris Okafor and members of the Fish Value Chain team:  Paul Dontsop, Janvier Mushagalusa, Francine Nsindabagoma, Noel Mulinganya, Liliane Togogo, and Cecile Cirezi.

In his welcome note, Okafor spoke of IITA’s expertise in the aquaculture value chain as a strong reason for FPI to collaborate with IITA.

The FPI team had a full-day session at IITA Kalambo station and the two institutions discussed the operational strategies for the implementation of the project. They created the initiatives to work with Government institutions, youth groups, key actors in the private sector as well as community-based and smallholder organizations/associations to enhance aquaculture in South-Kivu Province, upscale the fish cage method, reduce poverty, and improve household nutrition.

This project is the initiative of the DRC Government’s “One Hundred Days” project, established by the newly elected President, his Excellency Mr Felix AntoineTchisekedi Tchilombo.

FPI collaborates with IITA to establish floating cages on Lake Kivu

The FPI team members are impressed by the tilapia hatchery techniques.

Further to this, the two institutions agreed on collaborating with microfinance institutions to enable the project beneficiaries to have access to loans for sustaining their businesses. This will attract more unemployed people who have failed to establish an income-generating activity due to lack of capital and will reduce importation of fish in South-Kivu. IITA, being the lead for this project, will promote and/or nurture interactions among the various stakeholders playing a role in the aquaculture value chain.

After the work session, the FPI team visited the hatchery unit at the station and expressed their satisfaction that IITA will contribute significantly to this Government project.

Following this meeting, IITA will sign a contract with FPI and elaborate sub-agreements with other stakeholders for the effective implementation of the project.

This partnership with FPI will provide employment opportunities for youth and women through fish feed fabrication and the commercialization of fish.

DRCPilot Project of Tilapia in Cages/South Kivu (PPTC/SK)Tilapia

Communications • 3rd July 2019

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