Sasakawa Global 2000 appreciates collaboration with IITA

“Sasakawa Global 2000 (SG 2000) recognizes the relevance and importance of IITA to its extension service delivery and appreciates the continued positive partnership with IITA.” A senior management team of Sasakawa Africa Association (SAA) stated this on 5 July, during a visit to the IITA Kano Station in Northern Nigeria. Mr Osaka Katsuhiro, Senior Executive Director, led the team which comprised Ms Fumiko Iseki, Executive Director; Dr Mel Oluoch, Regional Director; Prof Sani Miko, Country Director, SAA Nigeria; and Prof Oladele Idowu, West Africa Regional Coordinator.

Sasakawa Global 2000 appreciates collaboration with IITA

The visiting team on a tour of the IITA Kano Station.

In his opening remarks, Prof Sani Miko said, “SG 2000 has been a long-time collaborator of IITA.” There has been collaboration in KKM, TL III, TAMASA, N2 Africa, and other projects of IITA, which were all successfully executed as mutually agreed. He further highlighted the importance of the two organizations to each other as they jointly work for the benefit of farmers and ensuring food security in the region.

Prof Miko also mentioned maize and soybean varieties developed by IITA and promoted by SG 2000 that have had a positive impact on the life of farmers in the region. He also thanked IITA for assisting SG 2000 staff with logistics in Lagos especially airport assistance, pick up/drop-off, and use of the Institute guesthouse in Ikeja at any time the request is made.

Sasakawa Global 2000 appreciates collaboration with IITA

The Sasakawa team in a meeting with senior IITA Kano staff.

Speaking on behalf of the Kano Station Head, Alpha Y. Kamara, Seed Systems Specialist Lucky Omoigui described SG 2000 as a worthy partner in research for development. He then requested SG 2000 to add cowpea to their extension activities as it is important for food and nutrition security due to its high protein content. In addition, it is a valuable food crop used by many households and a cash crop for women farmers who make and sell snacks from cowpea.

In her comments, Ms Fumiko Iseki said they were in Nigeria to meet with their partners and collaborators to further strengthen their responsibilities of disseminating agricultural technologies to farmers. She thanked IITA for the existing mutually beneficial relationship while encouraging further and stronger collaboration.

The visiting team embarked on a tour of the IITA Kano Station with Station Administration Ado Rabo as their guide.

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Communications • 16th August 2019

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