IITA participates in 2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo

IITA participates in 2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, in pursuit of its mandates of popularizing science, technology, and innovation, organized the Technology and Innovation Expo 2020 to facilitate the commercialization of research and development results and encourage inventions and good innovations in the country.

IITA participates in 2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo

An IITA staff showcasing the Institute’s products and research materials at the IITA stand.

Declaring open the 2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo, the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari noted: “Nigeria’s greatest resource is its human capital. This is richly embodied in our youth who make up tens of millions of incredibly talented persons, constantly pushing and striving towards greatness”. The President said the future of Nigeria belongs to our youth. He reiterated the commitment of the Federal Government to partner with the private sector on science, technology, and innovation sector development towards ensuring that the sector plays a very important role in advancing the frontiers of knowledge for nation building. “Government will continually support the creation of intervention funds to strengthen research and development, human capacity building programs, and collaboration with the organized private sector; we will continue to work towards the realization of the National Research and Innovation Fund,” he said.

The theme for the Expo, which was “Enhancing the growth of a diversified economy through science and technology,” aimed at highlighting the role of innovation in economic diversification. The Expo helped promote commercialization and publicize IITA’s research results, inventions, and innovations. The forum took place 16 to 20 March at the Eagle’s Square, Abuja.

Participating for the third time in three years, IITA showcased recent advances in yam seed production as the major innovation for the Expo. The IITA stand also featured samples of products/seeds from mandate crops and many research materials, including publications. ENABLE-TAAT was also well represented.

In recognition of an excellent exhibition at the end of the five-day event, IITA was presented with a Certificate of Participation in the 2020 Science, Technology, and Innovation Expo.

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Communications • 28th March 2020

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