Malawi registers Aflasafe®—The cost-effective technology for aflatoxin management

Malawi registers Aflasafe®—The cost-effective technology for aflatoxin management

The long wait for registration of Aflasafe products in Malawi has finally ended as the Pesticides Control Board (PCB) has now given the approval. Earlier, the technology was given the green light by the Agricultural Technical Clearing Committee, a unit under the Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS). This registration paves the way for the local manufacture and commercialization of this natural, safe, and effective technology that reduces aflatoxin contamination in foods and feeds by over 80%.

Aflatoxin is associated with several health problems in humans and livestock. High concentrations of aflatoxin in food also have a negative impact on trade and incomes of smallholder farmers. In Malawi, aflatoxin contamination is widespread, especially in groundnut and maize, which are main staples. This naturally occurring poison compromises public health, causes liver cancer, and is associated with child stunting and weakened immunity resulting in more illness. Livestock fed with contaminated feed also suffer reduced growth and productivity. Economically, Malawi’s lucrative groundnut export market has been compromised by high levels of aflatoxin in crops.

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Communications • 18th April 2020

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