Tanzania farmers winning against climate change

Tanzania farmers winning against climate change

“Climate change has been affecting us greatly. For example, in the past, we knew when the growing seasons were. Now the rains sometimes come early and sometimes they are late. Sometimes we get a big harvest, and sometimes we get very little,” says Hassan Haji Fumu, a farmer from Mahonda village in Kaskazini B district, Zanzibar.

While Zanzibar is a well-known tourist paradise with its pristine beaches and rich history, over 80% of the inhabitants are farmers who depend on subsistence farming for food and income, like Hassan. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to their income, food, and very survival. That is if nothing is done to support them to adapt to the changes.

“My crop yields were very low,” Hassan continued. “This was because I was not growing good varieties and not preparing my farm well. The plants were also being greatly affected by pests and diseases,” he added.

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Evans Samuel • 6th January 2021

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