Picture of a wild banana used in the IITA banana breeding program

IITA scientists cited for their work on battling pests and diseases to save the banana

Two IITA scientists have been cited for their work in helping to eradicate the tropical race 4 disease (TR4) that threatens to destroy the Cavendish banana and the multibillion dollar industry associated with it. In an article entitled Can the Banana be Saved published by the NOVANEXT journal on 3 November, IITA scientists Rony Swennen…

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Picture of An IITA team from the East Africa hub led by Victor Manyong, R4D Director (right), visited with the Deputy Prime Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Tanzania’s Youth Deputy Minister hails IITA’s Youth Agripreneur program and seeks to strengthen collaboration

The Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, responsible for Labor, Youth and Employment, Hon Anthony Mavunde, has praised IITA’s Youth Agripreneurs Program in Tanzania and would like to tap into the Institute’s experience and expertise to strengthen and implement a newly launched Youth in Agriculture Strategy for the country. Hon. Mavunde was speaking to…

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Picture of YIIFSWA Project Leader Norbert Maroya cutting the ribbon during the launch of the aeroponics system at CSIR-Ghana.

YIIFSWA: Yam is no longer a seasonal crop

With the aeroponics system (AS), yam production is no longer seasonal,” Norbert Maroya announced in his keynote address at the launch of a newly established AS for high-quality pre-basic and basic seed planting materials production at the The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research-Crop Research Institute (CSIR-CRI) in Kumasi, Ghana, on 10 November. The Yam…

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Picture of Plant Pathologist Alejandro Ortega-Beltran briefing the European Commission team that visited the aflasafe factory in Ibadan.

IITA to serve as potential ambassador to EU’s project

A delegation consisting of Cristina Russo, Director for International Cooperation and Director General Research and Innovation; Jens Hoegel, Head of Sector Health, Nutrition and Resilience; and Nienke Buisman, Policy Officer, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) relations with Africa from the European Commission were at IITA, Ibadan on 10 November, to learn about the scope of research conducted by IITA and to discuss how IITA can partner with the European Union in implementing its Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Plant Production and Health Management team review project

Scientists from all IITA hubs working on Plant Production and Health Management (PPHM) convened at IITA Ibadan, for a 3-day Implementation Review Workshop, 16-18 November.

Picture of The Ooni (king) of Ife, also a farmer, participated in the.opening program of the Regional Cocoa Symposium held in IITA.

Stakeholders convene in IITA to address research issues in cocoa

Stakeholders, researchers, policy and decision makers across the value chain converged at IITA in Ibadan, for a Regional Cocoa Symposium to brainstorm on the future of Africa’s cocoa research, 8-10 November. The inaugural symposium focusing on the Next Generation of Cocoa Research for West and Central Africa, aimed at addressing the issues around the sustainability…

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Picture of Paul Macek, Director of West Africa Programs of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

Research put into action can double cocoa yield in Africa – WCF Director

Paul Macek, Director of West Africa Programs of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), speaking on behalf of President Richard Scobey, in a keynote talk during the Regional Cocoa Symposium on 8 November, emphasized that research needs to be given more attention to ensure the revival of the cocoa industry in the region. He said that…

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Beating the odds: Agripreneurs make giant strides in rice seed production

The Rice Commodity Unit of the IITA Abuja Youth Agripreneurs have begun producing improved rice seeds of the preferred FARO 44 and FARO 52 varieties despite encountering challenges with the expanse of land they acquired. Felicia Okotie, a graduate of Business Administration from the Polytechnic Ibadan and Head of the Rice Commodity Unit, narrated that…

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Picture of IITA’s Edidah Ampaire speaking at a previous meeting of the Learning alliance

Stakeholders hail climate change district learning alliances

We need a special committee or government agency to address issues of climate change in the country, something similar to a committee that was formed in the past to deal with HIV/AIDS”. This was said by Lucas Shemndolwa, the recently elected Lushoto District Council Chairperson during a reflection meeting attended by members of the Lushoto…

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Picture of Participants at the N2Africa Review meeting.

N2Africa reaches out to 20,000 plus households in Tanzania with improved legume technologies

At least 23,828 households in Tanzania have been reached with improved technologies for legume production while at least 1,365 farmers have been trained on how to use these technologies with significant increases in yield being realized by those who have adopted the new technologies. The technologies included the use of quality seeds of improved legume…

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