Call for applications

Two calls for applications: Fellowships on “Youth engagement in agribusiness and rural economic activities in Africa” and Young Expert Programmes (YEP).

Africa RISING guidelines for capturing gender-sensitive stories in agricultural research and development

Gender-sensitive story writing is not only a professional and ethical aspiration but it can also improve development efforts and co-create more gender-balanced and inclusive societies.

Australian High Commission representative visits IITA

On 26 October, Adaora Ikenze, Head of Development Cooperation, Australian High Commission, Abuja, visited IITA to participate in the Forest Open Day and assess the Project’s programs and progress over the year.

Picture of Kenton Dashiell, flanked by Hilde Koper-Limbourg, “pushing” the button that launches the FMS online platform and application.

IITA launches FMS online database system

IITA Facilities Management Services (FMS) launched its web database platform on 31 October at IITA, Ibadan, to enhance online communication between the Unit and its clients.

Picture of Amaral Chibeba conducting a greenhouse trial in Brazil.

N2Africa success stories: Mozambique

The N2Africa project in Mozambique is now on its second phase and is focusing on scaling out the legume technologies proven under phase 1 using a “business-led” approach.

Picture of Mercy Wakawa

N2Africa success story: Nigeria

The N2Africa project is working through sustainable, long-term partnerships to enable Nigerian smallholder farmers to benefit from symbiotic N2-fixation by grain legumes through effective production technologies including inoculants (NoduMax) and phosphorus fertilizers.

Picture of dignitaries visiting the IITA booth.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture praises IITA’s technologies and pledges support to register aflasafeTz

The Deputy Minister for Agriculture in Tanzania, Dr Mary Mwanjelwa, expressed appreciation for the efforts of IITA to develop the agriculture sector in Tanzania.

Picture of Lava Kumar giving a presentation during the Phytosanitary Awareness Week in IITA, Ibadan,Nigeria.

GHU highlights the impact of CGIAR on germplasm conservation and distribution

IITA‘s Germplasm Health Unit (GHU)—as part of the CGIAR Genebank Platform—and its stakeholders lead the celebration of Phytosanitary Awareness Week, 23-27 October, at IITA.

CLiP success story

Forage production addresses need to improve milk production for better living conditions For many years Appoline Mapendo M’Manobe and her family invested their time, resources, and energy on their four cows in the hope of turning a sustainable profit from the dairy venture. However, not once had Appoline and her family received significant returns from…

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YIIFSWA and poverty reduction: The bared secret

At a recent seminar, Yam Improvement for Income and Food Security in West Africa (YIIFSWA) Project M&E Specialist, Djana Mignouna, recently talked about Africa’s struggle with poverty. In his presentation, he stated that the agricultural sector is essential for reducing poverty with about 43% of sub-Saharan Africa still battling poverty. Africa’s contribution to the global…

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