Picture of Alejandro Ortega-Beltran explains about aflatoxin contamination and aflasafe development to DSU visitors.

US university explores areas of collaboration with IITA

Delegates from Delaware State University (DSU) in the United States of America visited IITA on 17 November to explore possible areas of partnership that will provide its students with opportunities of acquiring the global experiences needed to enable them to face the world after graduation. The delegates, led by the University’s President Harry Williams were…

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WAAPP/PPAAO visit IITA-Abuja Station

A 156-member international delegation from 13 ECOWAS countries was at the IITA-Abuja Station on 18 November as part of the West Africa Agricultural Productivity Program (WAAPP/PPAAO) wrap-up meeting in Nigeria. The delegation was received in IITA by Alfred Dixon, Head, Development and Delivery Unit; Michael Abberton, Deputy Director, IITA West Africa Hub; and Gbassey Tarawali,…

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Vox Pop: What does P4D mean to you?

Elizabeth Sibale, Activity Manager, Feed the Future IITA, Malawi: P4D Week this year provides strategic guidance for development of future programs and an opportunity for knowledge and experience sharing among scientists. Due to its good research and development track record, IITA has built great trust in its donors so much so that they are willing…

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Picture of DG Sanginga

IITA boss warns against paying lip service to agriculture

The Director General of IITA, Nteranya Sanginga, has said that there would be negative consequences if Africa paid only lip service to agriculture, and failed to invest in the sector. Addressing members of the Board of Trustees of IITA and researchers during the 2016 Partnerships for Delivery (P4D) Week in Ibadan that ended on 25…

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Picture of A happy farmer displays bountiful cassava harvest in Nigeria.

P4D Week focuses on transforming African agriculture

This year’s Partnerships for Delivery (P4D) week, held 21-25 November, focused on unleashing the power of IITA’s research and delivery in transforming African agriculture. Speaking at the opening ceremony, the Deputy Director General, Partnerships for Delivery, Kenton Dashiell, said, “This year, P4D Week is about delivering IITA’s results and research to the end users…delivery in…

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Picture of Bamba highligthing the new changes in the structure of the capacity development office.

Capacity Development to support country implementation of ENABLE Youth and TAAT to transform Africa’s agriculture

Dissemination and delivery of technologies at scale is now an important part of IITA’s work as it seeks to have impact in its effort to transform Africa’s agriculture. The Capacity Development Office (CDO) has an important role to play in this. During the inaugural P4D Week, the head of CDO, Zoumana Bamba, presented on the…

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Picture of Peter Kolawole

Mechanization unit – supporting Africa to get rid of hand hoes and cutlasses

One of the main constraints to transforming Africa’s agriculture is low mechanization. IITA has therefore set up a new unit on Mechanization to look at how to reduce drudgery in the farm using appropriate agricultural tools. Presenting on the new unit’s progress, Peter Kolawole said the Mechanization unit seeks to introduce appropriate technologies for African…

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Picture of Atta-Krah making his presentation on systems research

What is IITA’s position in ongoing systems research and site integration of the CGIAR?

Humidtropics has been shut down but systems research is still alive and thriving and the concept has been mainstreamed in all CGIAR Research Programs (CRPs). The challenge now is the mechanism for the mainstreaming,” said Kwesi Atta-Krah as he updated IITA staff on the systems and site integration initiatives of CGIAR. Systems research, he said,…

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Picture of Agripreneurs from all IITA hubs talk about their activities in Africa.

Youth Agripreneurs program forging ahead to change youth mindsets to agriculture in Africa

On the second day of P4D Week, youth Agripreneurs presented on their various activities. The presentations were started off by the leader of the Youth Agripreneurs at IITA, Evelyn Ohanwusi. She said the initial vision of the program was to support youth at the individual level by moving incomes from 0 to $700 a month…

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Picture of Josephine Okot

Red Ferrari: Journey of an award-winning entrepreneur, Josephine Okot

The Red Ferrari lecture at this year’s P4D Week was delivered by Josephine Okot, the proprietor of Victoria Seed Company in Uganda and also an IITA board member. Okot has received many national and international awards including the prestigious YARA Prize for Green Revolution in Africa in 2007. In 2014 she was nominated as the…

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