Picture of Cowpea is both a delicacy and livelihood crop for many African households.

Scientists say new spacing could guarantee more yield for cowpea

CGIAR scientists are recommending a new spacing regime for cowpea that could give farmers up to 79% more yield if adopted. The new spacing is a result of a study on the Effects of plant density on the performance of cowpea in Nigerian savannas, conducted during the 2013 and 2014 growing seasons at the IITA…

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Controlling the twin viral cassava diseases in East Africa through breeding—major victories, but fight is far from over

Cassava farmers in Eastern Africa have been watching in despair as two viral diseases―cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and cassava mosaic disease (CMD)―ravage their valuable crop. Edward Kanju, IITA cassava breeder based in Tanzania, has spent the last 11 years at the Institute leading regional efforts to develop improved cassava varieties with tolerance or resistance…

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Global partnerships for improving cassava

Cassava is a tough plant. It can withstand drought and grow in marginal soils while still yielding its crop of starchy roots. Its roots can stay in the ground, waiting for harvest until other food sources run low. But breeders and scientists in Africa are working to make cassava even tougher, developing varieties that are…

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Picture of Lafia Innovation Platfrom members working on the GEM technology parboiler.

Installation of GEM rice parboiling technology improves local rice production and business in the Lafia IP

The SARD-SC rice commodity value chain, executed by AfricaRice, in collaboration with National Cereals Research Institute, has installed energy efficient GEM rice parboiling technologies and innovations in the Lafia Innovation Platform, Nasarawa State, Nigeria. In addition, a total of 1,215 rice parboilers, including 915 women and 300 men, were trained on processing and value addition…

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Picture of Armyworm invades and causes severe yield loss for many crops of economic importance.

CNN report features IITA scientist

Last month, CNN reported on “Armyworm invasion destroys crops in southern Africa” which featured Georg Goergen, IITA’s entomologist. The report highlighted the destructive potential of the new invasive species that was recognized  early by Goergen following its initial detection in West Africa and focused on the spread of the fall armyworm and the havoc the…

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A group photograph of staff of the IITA Abuja station with visiting team

‘Super Farmer Reality TV Show’ crew visit IITA-Abuja

The promoters of the ‘Super Farmer Reality TV Show’ visited IITA, Abuja station to “seek areas of mutual collaboration.” The high-powered team was led by the former DG of National Orientation Agency (NOA), Idi Farouk and former Executive Director of Programs and Board Member of Nigeria Television Authority (NTA), Peter Igho. They expressed delight at…

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Picture of Agripreneurs tending their vegetable field.

IITA Youth Agripreneurs in Kinshasa commence horticulture and fish farming

The IITA Youth Agripreneurs in Kinshasa (IYAKIN) have fashioned two new business initiatives to help provide nutritious meals for DR Congo nationals. This move is a response to the challenges of food insecurity and growing poverty in the country. The young farmers say they are joining efforts with government through agribusiness to fight food insecurity,…

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Picture of participants brainstorming on issues during the meeting.

ATASP-1 set to begin nationwide training of youth on seed production

The Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program, Phase One (ATASP-1) has concluded plans to train over 200,000 youth nationwide on seed production, processing, and packaging. This decision was reached during a strategic meeting held in Abuja to discuss the process of implementation. Speaking after the meeting, the ATASP-1 Outreach Program Coordinator, Gbassey Tarawali explained that the…

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Cassava could “transform economies” in Central Africa

Ministers of agriculture and rural development from Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Gabon are optimistic that agriculture could transform the region into a semi-industrialized economy, with cassava being at the center of the sector. They were speaking with agricultural experts, policymakers, and smallholder farmers in Cameroon during the inaugural biennial Cassava forum last month (6-9 December).  The initiative is…

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Tanzania’s deputy minister applauds joint IITA–University research on cooking banana

Tanzania’s Deputy Minister for Education, Science and Technology has praised the collaboration between IITA and the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST). Hon Eng. Stella Manyanya who was on a tour of the Pan-African university on 21 January, said that great things happen when academic institutions partner with world class research institutes…

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