YIIFSWA-II hosts yam field day for farmers

During the YIIFSWA-II field day held at IITA in Ibadan on 2 May, yam farmers from Oyo and Osun States in need of high quality seed yam tubers witnessed and appreciated the vine cuttings-to-tuber technology that could potentially boost seed yam production of improved varieties for commercial distribution in the coming years.

Picture of One ware yam tuber from plant issue of one node vine cutting weighing 3.2 kg with the shape of a human foot.

Special feature: Seed yam using one node vine cuttings generated from plants in aeroponics system

IITA initiated the aeroponics system (AS) in February 2013 as one of the high ratio propagation technologies for seed yam tuber production. After nearly three years of experimentation, it was discovered that the AS can generate three types of planting materials for seed yam propagation. These are the mini yam tubers harvested in AS boxes,…

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