Biocontrol solutions to “Fusarium wilt of banana” emerge

Biocontrol solutions to “Fusarium wilt of banana” emerge

The banana crop and industry has experienced extreme losses due to an epidemic of Fusarium wilt of banana (FWB), caused by Fusarium oxysporum  f.sp. cubense (Foc). This was described in the recently published article “Biological control agents against Fusarium wilt of banana.” FWB, also known as Panama disease, has plagued countries in Africa, Asia, and Australia. The disease…

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Picture of George Mahuku giving a seminar presentation.

Scientist emphasizes lessons from IITA’s efforts to tackle deadly crop disease outbreaks across the continent

The destructive impact of some of the pest and disease outbreaks witnessed in Africa could have been prevented as agriculture technologies are available to stop their entry, to prevent disease outbreaks in case of entry, and to limit damage to crops in case of establishment.