Picture of Group photo of NextGen cassava participants attending the annual meeting in Ibadan

NextGen scientists “shoot for the moon” in cassava research

On 14-16 March, more than 80 international cassava experts met at the Next Generation Cassava Breeding (NextGen Cassava) annual meeting to report on and assess the outcomes of a five-year effort to improve cassava breeding as well as outline the next steps for a second phase of the project.

Picture of Meeting participants.

MEDA, IITA, and Agriculture Ministry to build an economically sustainable seed system for cassava in Tanzania

Cassava farmers and processors in Tanzania have another reason to smile as a new project to address one of their major challenges―the lack of access to clean planting material of new improved, disease-resistant varieties―is launched.

Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava

This major two volume collection reviews the wealth of recent research on improving cultivation of this important crop.

Controlling the twin viral cassava diseases in East Africa through breeding—major victories, but fight is far from over

Cassava farmers in Eastern Africa have been watching in despair as two viral diseases―cassava brown streak disease (CBSD) and cassava mosaic disease (CMD)―ravage their valuable crop. Edward Kanju, IITA cassava breeder based in Tanzania, has spent the last 11 years at the Institute leading regional efforts to develop improved cassava varieties with tolerance or resistance…

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Global partnerships for improving cassava

Cassava is a tough plant. It can withstand drought and grow in marginal soils while still yielding its crop of starchy roots. Its roots can stay in the ground, waiting for harvest until other food sources run low. But breeders and scientists in Africa are working to make cassava even tougher, developing varieties that are…

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Cassava could “transform economies” in Central Africa

Ministers of agriculture and rural development from Cameroon, Central African Republic, and Gabon are optimistic that agriculture could transform the region into a semi-industrialized economy, with cassava being at the center of the sector. They were speaking with agricultural experts, policymakers, and smallholder farmers in Cameroon during the inaugural biennial Cassava forum last month (6-9 December).  The initiative is…

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Congratulations! UK body recognizes IITA

In central Africa, the work of one IITA scientist—Emmanuel Njukwe has received commendation from Industry Insight Monthly—a UK-based organization—and he has subsequently been recognized in its 2017 Farming & Agriculture Awards. The 2017 Farming & Agriculture Awards recognized individuals and institutions working on seed systems. Njukwe leads a team that employs a rigorous propagation technique…

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Picture of Millions of African households depend on cassava for their livelihoods.

Bill Gates eulogizes NextGen cassava research in Africa

The efforts of researchers working through the Next Generation Cassava Breeding (NextGen Cassava) project to significantly increase the rate of genetic improvement in cassava breeding and unlocking the full potential of Africa’s most popular staple crop were applauded by Bill Gates, founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in his blog this month. While sharing…

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New book on cassava now online

A new book titled Achieving sustainable cultivation of cassava Volume 1 & Volume 2, edited by Clair Hershey of CIAT, is now available online.

Picture of Members of the Next Generation Cassava Breeding team visit cassava trials at LZARDI in Tanzania.

Tanzania to improve cassava in Africa with NextGen Cassava project

Tanzania recently became a partner of the Next Generation Cassava Breeding project (NextGen), joining Nigeria and Uganda in the global effort to improve cassava breeding in sub-Saharan Africa. This partnership is expected to enhance the project’s efforts to improve livelihoods for cassava farmers in Africa. “Partnering with NextGen should help us develop tools to address…

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