IITA-Cameroon Women’s Group holds scholarship award ceremony

On 19 December, to mark the 2018 edition of the IITA Women`s Group Award Scholarship program, 10-year-old Mbounda El-Hannah, a Junior Secondary School student, and Mbounda-Mbuh Samuel, 12-year-old Senior Secondary School student, received awards worth US$450 each. The ceremony, which took place at the buckaroo in the IITA Campus in Yaoundé, was presided over by…

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Picture of Ananga Messina, who represented the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, at the event tasting some finshed and nutritious food products from IITA staple crops.

IITA-Cameroon marks 50th anniversary

Activities marking the 50th anniversary of IITA in Cameroon were organized and held at Nkolbisson, Yaoundé on 28 June.