Picture of Cocoa farmers breaking pods

Scientist says cocoa farmers are the focus of new research

Richard Asare, Regional Cocoa Agroforester, IITA Ghana, disclosed during his seminar presentation on 3 February, at IITA, Ibadan, that cocoa scientists are now brainstorming on the cash crop that is essential to the livelihoods of 40-50 million people worldwide.

Picture of The IITA delegates comprising a youth Agripreneur, Frederick Schreurs

Ooni of Ife partners with IITA to improve cocoa production and youth employment

The Ooni (King) of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, has extolled IITA for its continuous efforts in the improvement and transformation of agriculture, and emphasized his utmost goal to partner with IITA in rejuvenating Africa’s agriculture. The Imperial Majesty made this known in his speech during his first coronation anniversary at his palace in Ile-Ife,…

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Picture of The Ooni (king) of Ife, also a farmer, participated in the.opening program of the Regional Cocoa Symposium held in IITA.

Stakeholders convene in IITA to address research issues in cocoa

Stakeholders, researchers, policy and decision makers across the value chain converged at IITA in Ibadan, for a Regional Cocoa Symposium to brainstorm on the future of Africa’s cocoa research, 8-10 November. The inaugural symposium focusing on the Next Generation of Cocoa Research for West and Central Africa, aimed at addressing the issues around the sustainability…

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Picture of Paul Macek, Director of West Africa Programs of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF).

Research put into action can double cocoa yield in Africa – WCF Director

Paul Macek, Director of West Africa Programs of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), speaking on behalf of President Richard Scobey, in a keynote talk during the Regional Cocoa Symposium on 8 November, emphasized that research needs to be given more attention to ensure the revival of the cocoa industry in the region. He said that…

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Future of coffee and cocoa farmers under threat from soaring temperatures

The livelihoods of millions of small smallholder farmers growing coffee and cocoa―and foreign exchange of countries dependent on the two crops―are facing a shaky future if the planet continues to get warmer and no urgent action is taken. This was said by IITA scientist Laurence Jassogne at a recent seminar titled “Towards climate smart intensification:…

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Picture of Cocoa was one of Nigeria’s major cash crops in the 1960s

“Improved inputs will boost Nigeria’s cocoa system”: Outcome of USAID Nigeria/NEXTT training

The question of how to revive the glory days of Nigeria—one of the cocoa producing giants of the 1960s was at center stage during the just concluded USAID Nigeria/ Nigeria Expanded Trade and Transport (NEXTT) training of trainers workshop held at IITA, Ibadan. According to a report by BusinessDay, the global cocoa supply from Nigeria…

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