Wodada Wilberforce from IITA interviewing farmers for a survey

Middlemen play a vital role in strengthening Ugandan coffee value chain, study finds

In many countries in Africa, middlemen are often perceived as the “bad guys” out to exploit and defraud farmers. However, a study by IITA found that on the contrary, middlemen play an important part in the Ugandan coffee value chain. It further recommends the exploration of opportunities to include middlemen as active contributors in building…

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What about climate change and coffee production?

A groundbreaking study in Tanzania has revealed figures quantifying the impact decades of climate change has had on coffee production with increasing night time temperatures shown to be the biggest climatic cause of diminishing coffee yields. While scientists had long predicted that global production of the Coffea arabica species would suffer from climate change, this…

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Future of coffee and cocoa farmers under threat from soaring temperatures

The livelihoods of millions of small smallholder farmers growing coffee and cocoa―and foreign exchange of countries dependent on the two crops―are facing a shaky future if the planet continues to get warmer and no urgent action is taken. This was said by IITA scientist Laurence Jassogne at a recent seminar titled “Towards climate smart intensification:…

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