Picture of CIALCA has a legacy of improving banana production in the Central Africa region by improving access to clean planting material, and by advancing banana pest and disease control.

CIALCA 2017–2020 science agenda to boost entrepreneurial farming in Central Africa!

The Belgian Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (DGD) will fund the research program on partnership, capacity building and research of the Consortium for Improving Agriculture-based Livelihoods in Central Africa (CIALCA) toward entrepreneurial farming in Central Africa.

Picture of Rusanganwa in his banana farm in Rukara Sector, Kayonza District. / Jean d’Amour Mbonyinshuti.

CIALCA – boosting livelihoods in Rwanda

Last week, Rwanda’s leading English daily—the NewTimes cited IITA’s progressive research on banana as a factor helping households and farmers to meet up with their financial and nutritional needs.