Picture of Dr Nzola Mahungu, Country Representative of IITA-DRC; Ir Augustin Kadima, delegate of USAID; Evariste Bushabu, General Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture; Clement Kandu, Coordinator of SENASEM, at the workshop on CBSD.

Workshop on ‘’Validation of the revised and harmonized standards for seed system in DRC’’

IITA organized a workshop on validation of the revised and harmonized standards for healthy cassava plant materials production, control, and certification.

Picture of Horn plantain variety ‘Ikpolo Noir’ found in DR Congo

Researchers develop new way to describe plantain diversity in DRC

Researchers studying the morphological (structure and form) diversity of plantain in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have developed an innovative way to describe plantain diversity using descriptors based on performance, grouping them into main, secondary, and rare descriptors.

Picture of Charlotte Sanginga (left) with Her Excellency, Minister Chantal Safou.

IITA Women’s Group meets with DR Congo Minister of Gender, Child and Family

IITA Women’s Group representative Charlotte Sanginga, accompanied by Valérie Tembo, President of IITA Women’s Group Kinshasa Station and member Michèle Kimpwene Sanginga, paid a courtesy visit to Her Excellency, Minister Chantal Safou and members of her cabinet in the ministerial office, Kinshasa on 5 February.

Picture of Exhibition stand of IITA, HarvestPlus, and Youth Agripreneurs.

IYA Kinshasa participates in second edition of International Agricultural Fair of Kinshasa

The IITA Kinshasa Youth Agripreneurs (IYAKIN) participated in the second edition of the International Agricultural Fair of Kinshasa (FAIKIN), 18-27 August.

Picture of participants at the CBSD Workshop, DR Congo.

IITA hosts workshop on CBSD

The project tagged “Preventive actions against the propagation and expansion of Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) in the Democratic Republic of Congo”, has successfully organized a work plan development workshop on 20—21 April, at Mbanza-Ngungu, 150 km West of Kinshasa.

SARD-SC project stimulates rural economy through establishment of cassava community processing centers in DR Congo

The cassava community processing centers (CCPCs) are currently stimulating the economy and creating employment for the rural population of Kavumu village, in the Kabare territory of South-Kivu Province of the DR Congo. Until the introduction of the CCPC in early 2015, there was a high level of unemployment in Kavumu community.

Picture of Denis Sonwa of CIFOR (Left), and Kantengwa Speciose IITA Rwanda (center), with a visitor at the IITA exhibition booth during the event at Kigali.

Congo’s Minister of State lends voice to Africa’s agricultural rejuvenation

Henri Djombo, Congo’s Minister of State, recently appealed for an increase in efforts to rejuvenate Africa’s agricultural practices and called on every stakeholder in managing the Congo Basin Forest to work assiduously to improve agricultural production and activities in non-forest land on the continent. Congo’s agricultural and forest sectors need to be managed in a…

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Picture of Bernard Vanlauwe takes the Provincial Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Rural Development, South Kivu, DR Congo, Madam Adolphine Muley Byayuwa on a tour of the Nodumax facility in Ibadan.

DR Congo Minister of Agriculture on a learning visit to IITA

… excited over cassava improvement in Nigeria The Provincial Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Rural Development, South Kivu, DR Congo, Madam Adolphine Muley Byayuwa has expressed optimism that technologies developed by IITA can help transform agriculture in Africa. She made this remark during her visit to IITA, Ibadan, to participate in the Systems Marketplace…

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Picture of IKYA members giving some agroprocessing products to (L-R) the South-Kivu Governor HE Marcelin Chishambo Ruhoya and General Secretary Adolphe Mulumba.

IITA receives special commendation

During a working visit to IITA Kalambo Station, Adolphe Mulumba, the General Secretary (equivalent to Permanent Secretary) of the National Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock of the DR Congo, lauded IITA for its initiatives towards reducing poverty, hunger, and malnutrition and noted that they are in line with government’s development programs. Mulumba who was…

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Picture of Agripreneurs Sandrine (in green) and Lisette (in red) briefing the visitors to the IYAKIN exhibition stand.

Kinshasa Agripreneurs participate in international agricultural show

The IITA Youth Agripreneurs in Kinshasa (IYAKIN) were participants at the first ever International Agricultural Fair of Kinshasa which was held on 16 to 25 September. The fair was organized to show the country’s potentials in agriculture, attract new investors, strengthen public-private partnership, and increase business and job creation opportunities through meetings and exchange of…

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