Meeting with staff and exhibition of IITA's work with partners

DG meets with staff; looks at IITA’s work with partners

During the meeting with staff, the DG discussed issues of gender, youth in agriculture, staff welfare, and career development. “Consider yourself as part of the global staff and that you are an ambassador of IITA right from your communities to the airport. IITA stands in good shape with your support,” remarked Sanginga. Following an overview…

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Picture of A farmer standing next to an Africa RISING demonstration plot in Malawi. Photo by K. Lopez, IITA.

Africa RISING success story – Unraveling links between gender and adoption of agricultural innovations: Insights from communities in Malawi

The successful scaling out of agronomic practices and technologies demands that scientists and development partners consider gender issues at the household and community level (and beyond).

Presentation on gender responsiveness in Tanzanian policies ignites heated debate among policymakers

A presentation on the findings of a recent study on gender integration in agriculture and natural resources in Tanzania spurred a heated debate among the country’s policymakers and clearly showed that their understanding of gender issues was limited. One of the key follow up actions agreed upon was a request by the Tanzania Parliament for…

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Picture of a group of woman

Building capacity of IITA gender scientists to analyze qualitative data

The story behind the numbers is as important as the numbers themselves. However, analysis of qualitative data collected in terms of stories and narratives is not an easy task compared to the more straightforward analysis of quantitative data.

Maize value chain holds gender mainstreaming workshop for partners in Nigeria

A three-day workshop on gender mainstreaming in the SARD-SC maize value chain was conducted at the Kaduna State Agricultural Development Project (KADP) Headquarters, Kaduna, Nigeria, during the last quarter of 2016 with key stakeholders in attendance. The workshop aimed to enhance gender-sensitive technology development and dissemination to boost productivity and income of a broad segment of targeted…

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Picture of Margaret Mangheni of Makerere University in Uganda and Hale Tufan of Cornell University co-lead the GREAT training course in Uganda. Photo by D. Torrington, Cornell.

Training agricultural researchers to be more gender-responsive

Peter Kulakow, IITA breeder and Elizabeth Parkes, HarvestPlus breeder are part of a 16-person training panel for 11 teams of 33 researchers from four continents participating in a training on “Gender Responsive Root, Tuber, and Banana Breeding,” 12-21 September in Kampala, Uganda.

Picture of IITA’s Edidah Ampaire highlight’s the role of women in climate change adaptation issues.

Researchers make a case to Uganda parliamentarians on gender-responsive policies on climate change and food security

A team of researchers from IITA and their partners therefore engaged parliamentarians, permanent secretaries, commissioners, and civil society organizations in a discussion on the interaction between gender, climate change, and food security.

Extract from "Gender in the workplace" flyer

IITA gender program gets boost with release of factsheet on “Gender in the workplace”

IITA continuing efforts to mainstream gender across the institute received a boost with the release of the first factsheet on “Gender in the Workplace”. The factsheet provides information about the Institute’s commitment to the promotion of gender equality and equity. It essentially presents what has happened, what is happening, and what will be happening. The…

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Picture of A powerhouse of women panelists talk about gender parity.

IWD2016: Gender parity in research and science by 2030

IITA joined the rest of the world in marking this year’s International Women’s Day and organized a half-day panel discussion that focused on how to accelerate gender parity in science and research at its Eastern Africa hub in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This was in line with the theme of this year’s international women’s day…

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