Picture of IITA staff demonstrate to the visiting team the production of AflasafeTZ at IITA-EA hub in Tanzania.

IITA efforts to control Aflatoxin in Tanzania impress US Senate staff

Visiting staff from the United States Senate, Washington, D.C., have applauded efforts by IITA to tackle aflatoxin contamination in key staple crops in Tanzania. Aflatoxin is a poison produced by some naturally occurring species of the fungus, Aspergillus that renders crops unfit for human and livestock consumption and reduces their sale value. When consumed, aflatoxins…

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Picture of Farmers during the field day.

Farmers’ field day demonstrates use of fertilizer and AflasafeTM technologies to revive groundnut production

IITA and the Agricultural Research Institute (ARI)-Makutupora organized a farmers’ field day in Kongwa District, Dodoma Region, Tanzania to create awareness on improved farming methods to increase groundnut production in the region. Kongwa District is among the top producers of groundnut in the country; however, its production is being threatened by climate change and aflatoxin…

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