Akilimo decision support system for cassava farmers promoted

Akilimo decision support system for cassava farmers in Nigeria and Tanzania

The African Cassava Agronomy Initiative (ACAI) has released its first field test version of the Akilimo decision support system in paper and application format. Extension agents will use these to help cassava farmers in Nigeria and Tanzania optimize their productivity and income from growing cassava. The name Akilimo is coined from a combination of two…

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Empowering regional and district level planners to address climate change threats to agriculture

Climate change is ranked among of the top threats to global food security given impacts such as erratic and extreme weather conditions including floods and droughts. Crop yields are expected to decline globally after 2030 and by 2050, 3% of Africa’s land will no longer be suitable for maize. In Tanzania, climate change is a…

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Picture of researchers and cocoa farmers discussing ways of protecting cocoa plants from stresses.

IITA and ICRAF researchers hold consultation workshop

IITA and ICRAF scientists active in the cocoa sector met on 23 March, in Yaoundé for a strategic consultation workshop.