Adoption of mobile phones can provide youth with agriculture market access

Agriculture has been categorized as the largest economic sector in most African countries, offering opportunities for poverty alleviation for youth, yet there is still a low percentage of youth involvement in the sector. This has been attributed to several factors. One major reason for poor youth participation in agriculture, according to research carried out in…

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Female youth agripreneurs in the field, gathering data on pearl millet.

ICT adoption can increase crop productivity among young farmers in Tanzania!

Studies have shown that the involvement of Africa’s youth in rural development and agriculture will not only boost food security on the continent but also strategically provide solutions to the prevailing problem of unemployment plaguing African societies. However, youth participation in these areas in most African countries is very low. Many factors are responsible for…

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Manioc 21: Changing lives of farmers in Central Africa

The project Cassava of the Twenty-First Century, code named Manioc 21, has helped improve the lives of farmers in Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Manioc 21 was jointly executed by the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), IITA, and the Regional Platform of the Farmers Organizations of Central Africa (PROPAC)….

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