French delegation explores agribusiness collaboration with IITA Abuja

IITA, the French Embassy in Nigeria, and the French Agriculture Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD) held a meeting on 27 March at the IITA Abuja Station to strengthen existing partnerships among the three organizations. Read more

Aerial view of the station.

Transforming Abuja Station

The IITA-Abuja Station continues to be transformed with the addition of new structures as recently outlined by the Head of Abuja Station, Gbassey Tarawali. In his presentation, given during the visit of IITA Board of Trustees Chair Dr Amos Namango Ngongi on 15 January, Tarawali highlighted the remodeling of old residential houses into ultra-modern office…

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IITA BoT Chairman visits Abuja Station

On 15 January, the IITA Board of Trustee (BoT) Chair, Dr Amos Namanga Ngongi, was hosted at the IITA-Abuja Station as part of his visit to the Nigerian capital. He was received by the Head of IITA-Abuja Station, Gbassey Tarawali and the Senior Management Team who gave a brief on the research and delivery activities…

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