Picture of Cassava stakeholders celebrating the project BASICS in developing sustainable seed systems in Nigeria.

Seed sector: Economically sustainable seed businesses can transform cassava production in Nigeria

Nigerian seed sector professionals said that businesses selling improved varieties and high quality cassava stems for cultivation could help farmers significantly raise their productivity. The benefits of this raised productivity are expected to be enjoyed by all the stakeholders across the value chain in a sustainable way.

SARD-SC project stimulates rural economy through establishment of cassava community processing centers in DR Congo

The cassava community processing centers (CCPCs) are currently stimulating the economy and creating employment for the rural population of Kavumu village, in the Kabare territory of South-Kivu Province of the DR Congo. Until the introduction of the CCPC in early 2015, there was a high level of unemployment in Kavumu community.

Picture of Oyo State Security Services representatives meeting with IITA staff in Ibadan.

Local agencies pledge security and safety of IITA staff

Representatives of two local entities—the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the Oyo State Security Services (SSS)—visited IITA in Ibadan recently and assured the safety and security of staff.

Picture of Breeding Management System training participants in Zambia.

Southern Africa soybean breeders train on Breeding Management System

A recent training workshop held and hosted by the IITA Southern Africa Research and Administration Hub (SARAH) in Lusaka, Zambia on 21-24 March, on Breeding Management System resulted in shared enthusiasm by participants – mainly soybean breeders from national programs in the region – to use and adopt Breeding Management System (BMS) in their respective soybean breeding programs.