Publishing partner offers IITA discount across full range of publications

The recently published book by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, ‘Critical issues in plant health: 50 years of research in African agriculture’ is a collection summarizing 50 years of research on plant health by IITA to improve the health of crops in Africa. It is part of the rapidly expanding Burleigh Dodds Series in Agricultural Science,…

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Picture of media interacting with staff at the Eastern Africa hub.

IITA hosts media as part of 50th anniversary celebration

Recently editors and senior journalists from nearly all the major media houses in Tanzania spent half a day at IITA’s Eastern Africa Hub interacting with the researchers to get a better understanding of the Institute and its activities.

Gates provides open research platform

As an institute implementing various projects with funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates), IITA will comply with the recent directives from the Gates requiring all institutions and projects that it funds to make discoveries from such research efforts immediately available without charge to others needing such information on its newly developed Gates Open Research repository.

YIIFSWA-II hosts yam field day for farmers

During the YIIFSWA-II field day held at IITA in Ibadan on 2 May, yam farmers from Oyo and Osun States in need of high quality seed yam tubers witnessed and appreciated the vine cuttings-to-tuber technology that could potentially boost seed yam production of improved varieties for commercial distribution in the coming years.

Picture of David De Koeyer in the greenhouse at IBRC

MAFF Japan calls for more attention to basic research in root and tuber crops

The Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (MAFF) has provided funds to roll into action a second phase of its collaborative MAFF-IITA yam project, as part of efforts to ensure that the productivity and utilization of food yam in Africa would increase.

Picture of IITA scientists at the factory

Harvesters from Japan soon to be deployed to Nigeria

Good news for yam farmers—there is now a new technology that can take off the stress of harvesting yam manually, and IITA scientists have begun discussions to accelerate mechanization in yam research using “Made in Japan” technologies.

Picture of researchers discussing in the field during the M&E exercise.

SARD-SC Maize conducts monitoring and evaluation in Zambia

The SARD-SC Maize component carried out its annual monitoring and evaluation exercise for the year in Zambia from 4 to 11 April.

Picture of DDG-Special Duties (7th from left), with HQ/Hub finance/procurement staff, and training facilitators.

Oracle training in IITA

In a continuous effort to improve financial and management processes across the Institute, the IT Unit at IITA successfully organized the first Oracle access training on 24-28 April in Ibadan.