Picture of the IITA team listening keenly to the proposition of the partners.

IITA partners with private sector to boost soy oil production

IITA has pledged to provide its best soybean varieties to Al-Abass Holdings—a private sector organization aiming to establish an edible oil refinery in Nigeria.

Picture of YIIFSWA’s Morufat Balogun handing over clean yam plantlets for multiplication in the Bioreactor.

YIIFSWA enhances NACGRAB capacity for efficient pre-basic seed yam multiplication using Temporary Immersion Bioreactors

The IITA-led YIIFSWA-II project is equipping institutional partners with infrastructure, technical know-how, and clean planting materials from the project’s promoted varieties that will enable key research institutions.

Picture of students getting an opportunity to use scientific equipment in the labs.

IITA marks Fascination of Plants Day with tomorrow’s scientists

IITA joined other scientific institutions, universities, museums, schools, farmers, and companies all around the world to celebrate the Fascination of Plants Day on 18 May.


Tributes: Dr Bede Nwoye Okigbo and Dr Barnabas Sanyaolu Oloruntoba

IITA is privileged to have worked with two very distinguished and outstanding individuals: the late Prof Bede Nwoye Okigbo, one of the most prestigious scientists in the African continent, and Dr Barnabas Sanyaolu Oloruntoba, the father of Nigeria’s agricultural development.