Picture of meeting participants in a discussion

N2Africa Phase II in Borno, Nigeria organize annual meeting

To ensure effective and continuous use of legume technologies that have been introduced to enhance smallholder farmers’ productivity, partners in the N2Africa-Borno phase II project came together in Kano State, Nigeria on 24– 25 May.

Picture of students, with Forest Center team members, displaying items made from plastic waste. Photo O.Olubodun

Celebrating World Environment Day 2018: combating plastic pollution

World Environment Day (WED) occurs every year on 5 June, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

Plantain is an important crop in the economy of Cameroon.

Researchers predict worse impacts of climate change on plantain and educational attendance in Central Africa

The impact of climate change continues to be high but coincides with low adaptive capacity of farmers in Central Africa.

Picture of Yam plantlets.

Semi-Autotrophic Hydroponic technology works with yam too!

Yam is a staple food crop for over 300 million people in the world with West Africa accounting for 95% of total world production.