IITA Women’s Group awards scholarships

The IITA Women’s Group (WG) organized a scholarship award ceremony at the Institute’s headquarters on 22 November. The award scheme is designed to assist IITA national staff on or below PG 6 in sponsoring their children for an academic session. The ceremony was attended by members of WG led by Charlotte Sanginga, Head of the…

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IITA research data now more visible to users!

The visibility of IITA research datasets in GARDIAN in 2018 is a major achievement for IITA, championed by the Data Management team under the Communication Unit. GARDIAN, an acronym for Global Agricultural Research Data Innovation and Acceleration Network, is a search engine created by CGIAR to crawl and index datasets as well as publications in…

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Tracking adoption of improved varieties in informal seed systems using GBS markers: A case study using cassava

Assessing the impact of crop improvement has been a concern for agricultural researchers as varieties tend to look alike. Improved varieties of cassava, a clonally propagated crop, were mostly disseminated through informal seed systems, making the task of variety tracking difficult. However, researchers from IITA, Michigan State University, and Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial…

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IITA’s transformation initiative pays off in Africa

IITA has lifted 7.2 million Africans out of poverty through its research innovations. The success of projects carried out by the Institute in 2018 has immensely helped in achieving a large percentage of its goal, according to Director General Nteranya Sanginga. Sanginga, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), said that as…

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