Mbongo Daud Batson explaining the qualities of the new matooke varieties, called NARITA, during the Nane Nane at Mbeya-Uyole.

Tanzania spotlights its first-ever matooke hybrids at the 2020 national farmers’ exhibition “Nane Nane”

The East Africa Highland cooking banana, matooke, is a hugely popular food in Tanzania. With the impending release of the first-ever high-yielding hybrids of matooke on the horizon, researchers took the opportunity to exhibit them at this year’s annual agricultural show “Nane Nane” in Tanzania. The new hybrids created much excitement among the attending farming…

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IITA Tanzania celebrates International Women’s Day and launches local chapter of Women’s Group

From the doctor who is often referred to as a nurse because a doctor is expected to be male, to the architect whose construction workers will not follow her instructions without checking what the “engineer” (who is expected to be a male) says, and the entrepreneur who is always asked who is the man behind…

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