Review team commences visits to Africa RISING activity sites

Review team commences visits to Africa RISING activity sites

After two months of document reviews (between July and August 2019), the team of three eminent scientists undertaking an internally commissioned external review (ICER) of the Africa RISING program have commenced visits to activity locations for the three regional Africa RISING projects in West Africa, Ethiopian Highlands, and East and Southern Africa. The reviewers, Christine…

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Improved soybean varieties increase farmer incomes by 53% – study shows

Without a doubt, maize is the giant of all food crops in Malawi. However, most smallholder farmers often intercrop maize with soybean, thus making it an equally important crop. Soybean enhances soil fertility, thus improving crop yields which results in increased incomes. Soybean improves soil fertility by using its natural ability to fix nitrogen in…

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DG Sanginga honors passionate student in IITA Malawi

DG Sanginga honors passionate student in IITA Malawi

In April, DG Nteranya Sanginga visited IITA Malawi, for the handover ceremony of the Aflatoxin laboratory and to open the renovated offices of IITA Malawi. This visit birthed a great opportunity for a young and passionate research technician, Madalitso Mhango, who is also a fourth year student of Journalism and Mass Communication, at the Pentecostal…

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DG Sanginga inaugurates renovated IITA-Malawi offices

On his recent visit to Malawi, on 8-10 April, IITA Director General Nteranya Sanginga inaugurated the newly refurbished offices and laboratories, applauding the hard work of the staff. The renovated offices now consist of a spacious reception area, 20 offices that can accommodate up to 35 staff, a new Semi-Autotrophic Hydroponics (SAH) laboratory for rapid…

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Picture of Africa RISING in Zambia photobook

Photo reports: Africa RISING in Malawi and Zambia

The Africa RISING project management team recently visited different project sites in Malawi and Zambia.

Picture of A farmer standing next to an Africa RISING demonstration plot in Malawi. Photo by K. Lopez, IITA.

Africa RISING success story – Unraveling links between gender and adoption of agricultural innovations: Insights from communities in Malawi

The successful scaling out of agronomic practices and technologies demands that scientists and development partners consider gender issues at the household and community level (and beyond).

IITA’s 50th anniversary features at 14th Malawi National Agriculture Fair

Partners, donors, NGOs, and farmers in Malawi joyfully took part in IITA’s 50th anniversary celebration during the 14th Malawi National Agriculture fair held on 16 ̶18 August in Blantyre.

Picture of Mr Kawalewale in his inoculant production lab.

N2Africa success story: Malawi

This is the second in a series of articles on the beneficiaries /successes of the N2Africa project, a large-scale, science-based, research-in-development project focused on putting nitrogen fixation to work for smallholder farmers growing legume crops in Africa.

Picture of IITA’s Alexander Nganga (left) briefing the Minister of Agriculture, Dr George Chaponda, about aflasafe.

IITA showcases R4D work at 2016 Malawi agriculture fair

IITA was one of over a hundred organizations that showcased their work and products at the recent 2016 Malawi Agriculture Fair held 8 to 10 September in Blantyre with the theme Climate Smart Agriculture.

Picture of Pichesi in her soybean field explaining to fellow farmers about agronomic practices of the crop during the field day

Malawi farmers demand for more organized soybean market

Soybean farmers in the Machinga District of Malawi say a more organized soybean market, like the tobacco market, can spur more production of the crop in the district. Senior Group Village Headman Mbere from the area of Traditional Authority Chikweo in Machinga said this during a field day in his area organized to brief farmers…

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