Open for whom? Equity in Open Access

As the world observes Open Access week between 21 and 27 October 2019 with the theme, “Open for whom? Equity in Open Access”, it is important to consider the various users of open access data and publications as well as the usage of such open access materials or data.  In simple terms Open Access means making your…

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IITA kicks off data challenge with #datasprint2018

In a bid to increase the level of compliance with the open access policy, IITA has allocated resources to help capture and optimize historical research data for storage in open access repositories.

Gates provides open research platform

As an institute implementing various projects with funds from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Gates), IITA will comply with the recent directives from the Gates requiring all institutions and projects that it funds to make discoveries from such research efforts immediately available without charge to others needing such information on its newly developed Gates Open Research repository.

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IITA is Open Access!

This is Open Access Week! IITA joins the celebration of this global event, now on its eighth year (http://www.cgiar.org/consortium-news/open-access-week/). Open Access Week provides an opportunity for the academic and research community to learn about the potential benefits of Open Access, to share what they learn with colleagues, and to help inspire wider participation in helping to…

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Celebrating achievements in the IITA Year of Open Access

The Institute has made significant progress towards ensuring compliance to the decision by management to adopt Open Access, thereby making available its work to the public for free. As a direct outcome of implementing Open Access, a new institutional repository was introduced called CG Space.

Picture of DDG Research for Development Ylva Hillbur.

From the desk of the DDG-Research

Ylva Hillbur, IITA Deputy Director General Research for Development, has enjoined scientists to comply with the directive of the CGIAR system by ensuring that all publications are properly tagged in CGSpace as this is now a criterion for allocating funds to research institutes. In an email to scientists this week, Hillbur said “The CGIAR system…

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IITA adopts data and information management policy on Open Access

IITA has announced the development and adoption of a data and information management policy on Open Access, and has also instituted guiding principles detailing the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved to ensure compliance. The policy demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to research excellence and became fully functional recently. It also supports IITA’s strategic objectives to…

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2016 is the Year of E-Research and Open Access in IITA!

IITA management has declared 2016 the year of E-Research and Open Access (OA). This was highlighted in the new year messages of Management in last week’s issue of the IITA Bulletin. This move will see scientific papers and articles from the Institute’s research becoming fully published online, unrestricted, and available for free reuse, albeit with…

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