Properly dried fish, after harvest.

Researchers reveal a more sustainable approach to address postharvest fish losses

Small-scale inland capture fisheries contribute significantly toward enhancing the food, nutrition, and economic security of millions of people in low-income countries. Over time, several factors have restrained women’s participation in fishery value chains, limiting capture fisheries from achieving their full development potential. These factors have also reduced the impact that small-scale fisheries can have on…

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A youth provides services to farmers in a rural setting (Photo: C. Mutungi/IITA).

Talking about food loss and food waste with Dr Christopher Mutungi, IITA Food Technology Specialist

By 2050, the world’s population is estimated to increase to 9 billion people. To feed the increasing population, agriculture production needs to more than double. While agricultural stakeholders are thinking of how to produce the needed food, the current food loss and waste along the food systems need to be curbed to secure food production….

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Combating food waste due to postharvest diseases

Combating food waste due to postharvest diseases

Food waste has become a scourge with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimating that 45% (about 1.3 billion tons) of harvested fruits, vegetables, roots, and tubers are lost annually. These postharvest losses may involve a loss in quantity over time or quality losses of important nutrients, which may be due to contamination, such as…

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Picture of Dr Bussie Maziya-Dixon (in orange) with the NSPRI delegation visiting the aflasafe plant in IITA, Ibadan.

NSPRI visits IITA to discuss postharvest solutions

The Executive Director of the Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute (NSPRI), Professor Olufemi Peters and his team, visited IITA on 9 August to seek collaboration on all aspects of postharvest handling of agricultural products.

Picture of Ranajit Bandyopadhyay during opening session

IITA supports Africa’s first ever postharvest loss congress

IITA was among the major sponsors and partners of first All Africa Postharvest Congress & Exhibition. The Congress resonated well with one of IITA’s key areas of focus–reducing postharvest losses.