An RTB innovation: Disease mapping and surveillance made easier through an AI-powered smartphone app and drone/satellite image analysis

An RTB innovation: Disease mapping and surveillance made easier through AI-powered app and drone/satellite image analysis

Disease surveillance and mapping have, for a long time, heavily relied on in-person field surveys by knowledgeable staff. However, this approach has been limited by its high cost, often limited human capacity, and difficulty accessing more remote locations. In addition, the inability of farmers and sometimes local extension staff to rightly identify and or differentiate…

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Biofortified cassava processed into gari.

Biofortified cassava: Researchers call for gender-responsive strategies to improve food and nutrition security and reduce poverty in Nigeria

Market demand is a key driver of the production of biofortified cassava for male adopters and farmers. However, for women, consumer acceptance, preference, and market coupled with the health benefits of biofortified cassava—mainly targeting children and pregnant women—are the motivation for adopting and processing.  A study to identify gender-based constraints affecting the production, processing, and marketing activities of biofortified cassava in Oyo and Benue states has established this fact. The study carried out by researchers from IITA, Association of Uganda Professional Women in Agriculture and Environment (AUPWAE) Gender and Development…

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The Belgian Ambassador to Uganda commends IITA’s efforts to transform the agriculture sector

Belgian Ambassador commends IITA’s efforts to transform Ugandan agriculture sector

His Excellency Rudi Veestraeten, the Belgian Ambassador to Uganda, visited the IITA-Uganda substation at Sendusu on 30 October. The Ambassador was accompanied by the Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Belgian Development Cooperation, Mr Koen Van Acoleyen. The visit was on the invitation of Rony Swennen, IITA’s senior banana breeder. The Ambassador and his…

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Regina Kapinga.

One on one: Regina Kapinga

IITA’s Queen of Roots and Tubers As we continue to celebrate women in science, we interviewed Regina Kapinga, IITA’s first Head of Advocacy and Resource Mobilization, also known as the Queen of Roots and Tubers. Her years of working on cassava and sweet potato earned her an “Appreciation award for outstanding leadership and contribution to…

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Scientists discuss ways to improve RTB planting materials

The CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) Cross-cutting Cluster 2.1 had its annual meeting on 14 to 16 March at IITA headquarters in Ibadan, Nigeria. The meeting objective was to discuss the progress and main findings on the development and validation of the RTB seed systems Toolbox. Present at the meeting were…

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