Improved soybean varieties increase farmer incomes by 53% – study shows

Without a doubt, maize is the giant of all food crops in Malawi. However, most smallholder farmers often intercrop maize with soybean, thus making it an equally important crop. Soybean enhances soil fertility, thus improving crop yields which results in increased incomes. Soybean improves soil fertility by using its natural ability to fix nitrogen in…

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Mozambique farmers enjoy greater yields as a result of IITA’s research

Mozambique farmers enjoy greater yields as a result of IITA’s research

IITA’s research in Mozambique has made much impact in rural and national development by ensuring that the agricultural sector is competitive, sustainable, gender-balanced, and resilient to the stress and impacts of climate change. IITA Seed System Agronomist, Canon Engoke, outlined the details at IITA-Nampula during a seminar titled “Agricultural technologies demanded for change in Mozambique” on…

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Picture of Members of the Umoja wa watuamiaji maji group show the remaining cowpea seed after harvest and selling.

Meet Julie Bwire: The inspiring ambassador of soybean in Tanzania

Julie Bwire is a mother of three and a farmer at Msufini village in Mvomero District, Morogoro Region, eastern Tanzania. She dropped out of school in the late 1980s and until 2015 was engaged in petty trading as well as farming; mostly maize and vegetables.

Picture of the IITA team listening keenly to the proposition of the partners.

IITA partners with private sector to boost soy oil production

IITA has pledged to provide its best soybean varieties to Al-Abass Holdings—a private sector organization aiming to establish an edible oil refinery in Nigeria.

Picture of Breeding Management System training participants in Zambia.

Southern Africa soybean breeders train on Breeding Management System

A recent training workshop held and hosted by the IITA Southern Africa Research and Administration Hub (SARAH) in Lusaka, Zambia on 21-24 March, on Breeding Management System resulted in shared enthusiasm by participants – mainly soybean breeders from national programs in the region – to use and adopt Breeding Management System (BMS) in their respective soybean breeding programs.

US journal cites IITA as outstanding partner for progress

Foremost agricultural journal of American farmers—The Progressive Farmer—has said that IITA’s partnership with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research (SIL) is providing the needed technical support to improve agriculture and address African nutritional needs. The innovation lab which is located at the University of Illinois also collaborates with researchers from…

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Picture of soybean rust

Efforts launched to save 6.8 million soybean growing households in Africa from rust disease

While soybean is increasingly becoming an important commercial and food crop in many countries in Africa, its production is greatly threatened by factors such as lack of access to improved varieties and inputs; abiotic factors such as poor soil fertility and unpredictable weather changes; and biotic factors such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests. However,…

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High soybean prices bode well for IITA’s MISST project

The soybean marketing season is in full swing. Buyers are everywhere looking for the crop. In a drought-hit farming season, soybean has generally done well and farmers are at least assured of getting something from their produce. Prices have been good this year. A snap survey showed that soybean prices have increased by an average…

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Picture of Pichesi in her soybean field explaining to fellow farmers about agronomic practices of the crop during the field day

Malawi farmers demand for more organized soybean market

Soybean farmers in the Machinga District of Malawi say a more organized soybean market, like the tobacco market, can spur more production of the crop in the district. Senior Group Village Headman Mbere from the area of Traditional Authority Chikweo in Machinga said this during a field day in his area organized to brief farmers…

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Chrys Akem reiterates the importance of promoting soybean at the workshop.

Enhancing soybean production in Nigeria through the SARD-SC maize system

The IITA/SARD-SC maize system soybean production enhancement planning workshop was held 1–4 February in Abuja to promote soybean cultivation and utilization in Nigeria. The workshop became imperative because of the huge deficit in the annual demand for the crop. Demand is currently estimated at 2.2 million tons; the annual production of 600,000 tons is grossly…

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