Recent advances in breeding for Striga resistance in early and extra-early maturing maize for sub-Saharan Africa

A team of IITA scientists, molecular breeders, and geneticists, coordinated by the IITA early and extra-early Maize Program Lead, Baffour Badu-Apraku, recently made significant advances in the longstanding efforts of the IITA Maize Improvement Program (MIP) to develop genotypes with durable resistance to Striga parasitism using molecular markers. The major advances are:  Identification of genomic regions significantly associated with indicator traits for Striga resistance under infestation in early maturing…

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Future of coffee and cocoa farmers under threat from soaring temperatures

The livelihoods of millions of small smallholder farmers growing coffee and cocoa―and foreign exchange of countries dependent on the two crops―are facing a shaky future if the planet continues to get warmer and no urgent action is taken. This was said by IITA scientist Laurence Jassogne at a recent seminar titled “Towards climate smart intensification:…

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